How Much Does a CAD Engineer Make?

CAD engineers usually are tasked with the creation of technical design drawings using a software application. AutoCAD remains one of the leading apps used for this purpose. This is a traditional engineering role, one historically filled by drafters using paper, pencil, and a host of drawing tools.

If you are interested in becoming a CAD engineer, it helps to understand your earning potential fully. As always, salaries for this role depending on your location, as engineers working in areas with a high cost of living, like New York City or Silicon Valley, demand higher compensation levels. With that in mind, let’s dive into the details on a CAD engineer’s salary.

Additional Details on The CAD Engineer Position

In addition to creating design drawings, most CAD engineers are tasked with other responsibilities. One example involves conducting field surveys for larger engineering projects. Document management skills are also essential since a CAD engineer is typically responsible for maintaining the company’s library of design documents.

They need to fully understand and adhere to a company’s standards for design drawings. The ability to multitask is also essential as multiple simultaneous projects all may require CAD drawings. A bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline is generally required for professionals in this job role.

The Average Salary For a CAD Engineer

According to a top website for salary information, the average salary for a CAD engineer is $64,254 per year. Additionally, engineers in this job role can expect a few thousand dollars in bonuses and profit-sharing each year. Annual raises in the range of a few percentage points are also likely.

The top earners in this role earn a salary in the low six-figure range. These engineers likely boast decades of experience and are probably located in a region with a high cost of living. CAD engineers at the bottom of the pay scale earn an annual salary slightly more than $40,000.

Some of the top companies in the tech world pay a relative premium for CAD engineering talent. One notable example is Intel, who is known to spend a six-figure salary for experienced CAD engineers. Of course, engineering work on microprocessors and embedded systems tend to be more demanding compared to other engineering disciplines.

Of course, experience level matters. The average annual salary for a CAD engineer with over 20 years of experience is $83,000. Keep this data in mind when considering your career path.

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