Managers Should Make This a Top Priority This Year

Providing timely employee feedback is an essential part of any managerial role. Younger workers tend to want this feedback to happen on a real-time basis. This means waiting for a formal annual review no longer offers the necessary validation for employees to be at their best.

Let’s take a closer look at why real-time employee feedback is growing in importance across the business world. It plays a vital role in developing the company culture, able to attract the best candidates while retaining an organization’s top performers.

Give Negative Feedback, but Make Sure It’s Constructive

Some managers hesitate before providing feedback to their employees, especially when it involves negative criticism. With this attitude, how are workers supposed to improve?

Offering negative feedback is essential, but always ensure it’s constructive. This way, your employees understand what they need to perform better the next time. In the end, this approach to employee development remains an essential part of being a manager.

The Best Practices For Providing Employee Feedback

Here are a few strategies for offering feedback to your staff. While some of these tips assume a formal feedback process, like annual or quarterly reviews, remember that the modern worker wants to know how well they are doing throughout the year.

When conducting a formal employee review, make sure you are prepared. An annual goal-setting process helps provide a framework for this effort. Make sure to track progress towards achieving these goals throughout the year – don’t wait for a yearly review!

Feedback always needs to be tailored to the individual. A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work in today’s business world. Part of being a great manager involves understanding what makes each employee tick. This knowledge informs how to best tailor their feedback.

Hard data to back up your feedback to an employee adds a measure of credibility to the process. Once again, tracking goal progress throughout the year is a good source for this information. Any other metrics used in your business also helps.

In the end, feedback is a crucial part of employee development. Always keep this in mind. Offer training to the employees who need it. Provide feedback promptly and follow up with your staff to ensure they are on a path to success.

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