What Do Electrical Engineers Do?

If you are interested in becoming an electrical engineer, it helps to understand what the job entails. The field features a wide range of job roles, including everything from power systems engineering to designing the circuit boards used in computers. The flexibility essentially lets you create your career path depending on your interests and job availability.

So to make an informed decision on your engineering career, here is a high-level overview of the world of electrical engineering. Perhaps the information within inspires you to get the education actually to become an engineer? It’s a rewarding profession, no matter the path you take.

The Definition of an Electrical Engineer

In its simplest definition, an electrical engineer designs electrical systems for any number of applications. This includes basic circuit design as well as larger power systems, with a host of scenarios in between those two extremes. Electrical engineers also need to be well-versed in problem-solving, troubleshooting, and testing their designs.

A full understanding of physics, especially as it relates to electromagnetism, electricity, and electronics, is a must. As noted earlier, these engineers work on everything from small embedded computers to large supercomputers to massive power plants. Specialization is the key to becoming qualified for these different job roles.

Industries Currently Using Electrical Engineers

Many industries across the business landscape rely on electronic engineers for a variety of purposes. Power generation, manufacturing, telecommunications, and satellite communications are just a few examples. One engineer might work on designing home appliances; another works on integrating power systems in a large factory, while a third engineer develops an embedded computer used in a smartphone.

The options for a new engineering graduate are almost limitless. Even the banking and financial worlds rely on electrical engineers, especially as both business sectors currently undergo a massive digital transformation ushered in by the growth of eCommerce.

On What Applications Do Electrical Engineers Work?

As noted earlier, electrical engineers work on many different applications depending on their specialization. Those that specialize in embedded systems design computers, mobile devices, or even smart appliances. The emerging world of robotics also relies on the talent of electrical engineers.

Power plants, medical devices, and even space technology all require electrical engineers for their design and maintenance. In short, it’s an exciting and lucrative field.

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