One Simple Way to Attract Better Michigan Talent

In a healthy economy with a low unemployment rate, it merely becomes more challenging to attract great candidates. The competition for talented professionals remains fierce, especially in specific in-demand job roles, like accounting, engineering, network administration, and data science. Companies need to go the extra mile to ensure a successful staffing process.

With an eye on attracting talented candidates in Michigan and the Midwest, here are a few insights on what it takes. In short, fostering innovation in your office matters. Leverage these ideas to ensure your organization never suffers from a skills gap or employee shortage.

Innovation Is Essential When Attracting the Best

Today’s enlightened employee wants to work for an organization known for innovation. Perhaps it’s an engineering firm focused on an innovative new product design on the cutting edge? Maybe a financial firm is leveraging the latest in AI-driven chatbots for customer service? Even an IT firm making a difference in Cloud-based SD-WAN solutions is working on state of the art.

The bottom line is simple. The best candidates want to make a difference in their field. This becomes easier when working for an organization known for being on the cutting edge in their industry. Consider this staffing approach during your company’s planning for 2020.

Also, ensure your HR team adds verbiage speaking about the company’s focus on innovation to your website, LinkedIn page, and other materials used when advertising to potential candidates.

Fostering a Culture Known for Employee Development and Growth

A company culture that emphasizes employee development and career growth makes it easier for innovative employee thinkers. A robust training program and a tuition reimbursement perk are essential parts of any business known for innovation. Making employees agree to sign an agreement to stay with the organization for a period after accepting tuition reimbursement also helps boost your retention rate.

Focusing on Diversity and Inclusion Also Matters

Fostering a diverse workforce also makes it easier to attract great talent. This is especially the case when considering younger generations of workers. Employing a talented and diverse team matters when trying to come up with innovative solutions that help give your company its positive reputation.

In the end, being an innovative organization remains the best way to attract talented candidates, your company needs to succeed.

If you need additional advice on building a great team at your company, talk to the experts at Venteon. As one of the top staffing agencies in Michigan, we provide great candidates able to make a difference for you. Schedule a meeting with us soon.




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