Is Your Workforce Facing a Skills Shortage?

The difficulty finding talented candidates that possess the skills your organization needs continues to affect businesses in a variety of industries. In essence, these companies also largely face a skills gap with their current employees; that’s why they are looking for fresh talent. It’s something hampering these organizations’ productivity and ultimately their profitability.

With employing a talented workforce in mind, here are a few strategies for handling an internal skills gap. Do you hire from the outside, or develop your own talent? Leverage these insights to ensure your staff gets the right skill set required for a productive office.

Hire New Talent or Train Your Existing Employees?

When faced with a skills gap at your organization, a simple question remains. Do you hire candidates that possess the skills your company needs, or do you train your existing employees? In some cases, maybe a mixture of both approaches works best?

Building a robust training program remains an essential part of properly developing your employees. When you consider today’s worker wants an employer who cares about professional development, this approach also helps you retain your best talent. Retention is extremely important in a competitive job market where sourcing and hiring top candidates is difficult. So fostering a culture known for providing a career ladder to employers also helps you recruit the best.

Whenever an acute skills gap crops up on a project, work with your staffing agency partner to bring in someone on a temporary contract. The fact your current employees get to learn from this contractor is another useful benefit. Ultimately, focusing on training your staff while bringing on the occasional temp worker provides the right mix.

A Well-Considered Staffing Process Is Essential

Your company also needs to plan for its future staffing needs, while considering that newer skills are always coming online. For example, machine learning, data science, and predictive analytics have recently grown in importance in a variety of business sectors. Once again, having a robust training program makes it easier to react to these changes, ensuring your staff gets the skills to become successful.

Additionally, forging internship programs with local colleges provides access to emerging professionals. It’s an essential part of any long-term staffing plan. Ultimately, the right training and a well-considered staffing process ensures your company is never hampered by a skills gap.

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