It’s Not Too Late to Change Your IT Career Track

If you are stuck in a dead-end tech job and are looking for an out, it’s not too late to change your career path. Multiple opportunities abound in a variety of business sectors, working on the latest technology innovations. Some of these include machine learning, mobile app development, and Cloud-based network administration.

With an eye towards successfully altering the track of your IT career, here are a few tips and insights. Leverage these ideas to find yourself in the technology job of your dreams. Professional satisfaction is right around the corner!

Decide on a Direction for Your Career Path

Once you decide you need a change in your career direction, a decision on which path to take needs to happen quickly. Maybe you want to be a web developer, business analyst, or a data scientist? Whatever you decide, you need to learn the right skills and get some experience before searching for a new position.

Learning New Skills and Getting Some Experience

Depending on your financial situation, you probably can’t afford to quit your current job. So burn the midnight oil taking online training and certification courses to learn the skills you need. After that, consider volunteering on an open-source or non-profit project to earn some valuable experience.

After this process is complete, it’s now time to start searching for a great technology job in your field of choice.

Use Your Professional Network for Insight on Job Opportunities

Remember, your professional network functions as a great source for IT job leads. Reach out to trusted colleagues, inform them about your new career path, and ask if they are aware of any interesting opportunities. You might find out about an open position before the public at large.

Also, if you earned experience on an open-source or non-profit tech project, follow up to see if any permanent positions are available. While non-profit organizations generally don’t pay as well as the private sector, you are able to gain more significant experience. Working for one also gives you a different sense of accomplishment.

Finally, reach out to a local IT recruiter. Explain your current situation and your desire for a fresh start in the technology field. They can help you craft the right message as you begin your job search.

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