Are You Open to These 4 Alternative Engineering Career Paths?

Whether you are just beginning life as an engineer or are considering a change in your profession, alternate career paths abound. Of course, it requires planning, persistence, and possibly learning a new skill or two. Nevertheless, expect a rewarding experience, both financially and in other areas of your life.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the alternative career paths available to anyone in the engineering world. Always remember a journey to a fulfilling profession starts with only one step. Good luck in your efforts!

3D Food Engineer

It appears those replicators in the Star Trek universe aren’t just the stuff of science fiction. Advancements in the world of 3D printing make it possible to actually to “print” food products. Granted, the energy to matter conversion needed to truly make a replicator still lies somewhere in the future.

Nonetheless, food engineering is a growing practice worth exploring if you want to combine the skills of an engineer with the vision of a chef. A background in chemical engineering and/or food science helps you get this gig.

Environmental Engineer

The demand for environmental engineers is increasing in an era where green initiatives remain important. The problem solving acumen typical of engineers is vital for this role as they try to develop solutions for various environmental issues. Experience with biology and other natural sciences is a plus.

Software Engineers Remain in Demand

While not too much of an alternative career path, software engineering needs to be included because the demand for qualified engineers remains high. As such, expect a robust salary well into the six-figures once you gain some experience. Hone your full-stack programming skills for a chance at a very lucrative career.

You are able to specialize in writing applications for the web, mobile devices, or even embedded systems. Knowledge of databases, the Cloud, and modern software development methodologies, like Agile, also helps.

Machine Learning Engineer

AI and machine learning continue to transform a variety of business sectors, including healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. A sampling of the applications using AI includes automated stock trading or customer service chatbots. Demand for engineering talent skilled in crafting machine learning algorithms simply outstrips supply.

Expect a copious number of job opportunities as well as a generous salary and benefits if you boast experience as a machine learning engineer.

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