Employees May Require You to Look Beyond Their Resume

Sure, a resume provides a decent overview of a candidate for your open job. However, making the right hire depends on you diving into the details beyond their CV. This is especially the case when considering that cultural fit plays a big role in the ultimate success of a new hire.

Let’s look more closely at how to determine which candidate is best for your company and its open position. This is a case where finding out the truth on someone’s skills, professional experience and fit is massively important. Frankly, the right final decision depends on it.

Did They Include a Creative and Personalized Cover Letter?

A candidate that makes an extra effort on their cover letter definitely stands out from the pack. Did they go into more detail on how their professional experience fits perfectly with the requirements of your open position? Showing their personality also offers clues on how well they’d fit in your office.

Any candidate that simply sent in a resume without a cover letter, or only provided a non-personalized form letter likely isn’t worth the interview. It’s that extra effort that shows a candidate is truly interested in your position.

The Interview Gives You the Best Chance at Determining the Best Candidate

Of course, the interview remains the best way to differentiate between candidates. Make it a point to only interview the top few candidates. This streamlines the staffing process; giving you a better chance at hiring the most in-demand financial talent.

Having a collection of standardized questions and scoring provides your team with a useful way to rate candidates. In addition to your standard queries, use some situational questions to get a better feel for how they’d react in a certain scenario. This approach provides multiple insights into their fit and suitability for your organization.

Checking References Is Essential to Make the Right Choice Between Candidates

Don’t skimp on checking your candidates’ references. This is a must for verifying the accuracy of the content on their résumé or even something expressed on the cover letter or during the interview. You still might find a red flag disqualifying someone’s candidacy.

Also try to get insights on the candidate’s personality. Remember the importance of cultural fit in making the right hire. Someone who feels comfortable is more productive and you stand a better chance of retaining their services over time.

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