Worried Your Manager Doesn’t Respect You?

No matter the industry where you work, a positive relationship with your manager is a must. It helps you stay confident and productive in any office culture. When you spend time worrying about not being respected, it sometimes becomes hard to give your full effort.

If you feel your manager is holding a grudge against you, even going into the office everyday drains your morale. This situation simply can’t continue, no matter who is at fault. Let’s look closely at a few tips on how to make things more copacetic.

Meet With Your Manager One-To-One

Obviously, the first you thing you need to do is meet with your manager privately to discuss your relationship. It helps to document in writing any previous incidents, if only to refer to them during the meeting. Stay confident and clear-headed while trying to handle the situation in a professional manner.

Understand their side of the story, and work together to come up with an action plan to improve your relationship moving forward.

Reach Out to a Higher Power

If meeting with your manager doesn’t resolve the problem, it’s now time to speak with their boss. Executives understand they need proactive and professional managerial talent for a successful organization. Simply put, building the right company culture requires excellent managers.

When meeting, emphasize you aren’t being insubordinate, you just want the best for the company. This approach puts you in the best possible light in an uncomfortable situation.

Speak With the Human Resources Team

In a case where the managerial relationship still doesn’t improve, you likely need to escalate the situation. Schedule a meeting with the HR department at your company. Provide your documented proof of the incidents between you and your boss. Mention the fact you even met with someone from the executive team.

In most cases, this is a second-to-last resort. Once again state you are focused on the productivity and well-being of the company more than your own professional needs. Ultimately, you don’t want to come off as being selfish.

Look Elsewhere for a Better Opportunity

If meeting with HR doesn’t help your situation, chances are good you need to begin looking for a better opportunity with another company. Don’t simply quit without a new position lined up. Discreetly start your job search, while giving your full effort in the office.

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