Don’t Let Employees Burn Out This Summer!

As the hot summer continues with no end in sight, keeping your employees from suffering burnout remains a worthy goal for managers. The adverse effects of an overworked team are numerous, including increased absenteeism and tardiness, as well as lower productivity. Your top workers might even begin to look elsewhere for less-stressful job opportunities.

Any successful tech, engineering, or financial company understands the importance of employee morale when it comes to retention. Here are a few ideas on how to ensure your staff doesn’t burn out during those summer doldrums.

Manage Your Employees’ Workload

Simply put, continually being overworked leads to employee burnout. This shouldn’t be the case with high-level professional roles, like software engineers or accountants. After all, your organization isn’t an Amazon distribution center.

Ensure your managerial team sets realistic project deadlines, while proactively handling task scheduling to prevent burnout. Maintain a steady effort level throughout the entire timeline. This approach leads to no slacking off at the beginning of the schedule, keeping crunch time and its extra hours to a minimum.

Take Advantage of Good Weather to Build Team Camaraderie

Hosting some afterhours social events and weekend team building activities lets your team blow off some steam. This offers a great opportunity to keep employee morale as high as possible during busy times at your office. Outdoor events especially help to foster camaraderie and a team spirit that’s an essential part of building the right company culture.

Know the Warning Signs of an Employee Burn Out

As noted earlier, signs of your staff becoming burned out include increased tardiness, absenteeism and a subsequent lowering in productivity. Whenever you notice these warning signs on the uptick, make it a point to meet with the employee in question on a one-to-one basis. This helps you determine the nature of the problem, while offering a chance to help them get things back on track.

Give Your Employees Flexible Schedules and Telecommuting

Modern professionals enjoy perks like flexible scheduling and the ability to work from home. Providing these extra benefits to your team helps improve employee morale, while also staving off the adverse effects of burnout. Note that special care needs to be taken to ensure remote workers still feel engaged and part of the group.

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