Michigan’s Top IT Leaders Follow These Tips and Trends

Effective IT leaders play a big role in the ultimate success of any technology organization. Strong managers especially matter in a modern IT world that thrives on teamwork and collaboration. It’s a major reason why Agile and DevOps remain popular throughout the industry.

With fostering managerial acumen as a goal, here are a few of the latest technology leadership trends currently in vogue. Leverage these concepts to make your team more efficient and productive, while also helping your company’s bottom line. It’s an approach sure to keep your tech career on a path to the executive suite.

Leaders Need to Forge Productive Teams

As we noted earlier, today’s technology world uses teamwork to get more accomplished faster than ever before. Thus, a modern IT leader needs to be an expert at teambuilding. Alexander Rinke, CEO of business software maker Celonis, offers advice on why this is important.

“A company is one team. Senior leadership should equip employees with intelligent technologies that power greater collaboration and transparency across the organization. It helps break down silos and drive company-wide digital transformation,” said Rinke.

Using high-end team collaboration tools like Slack is one way to emphasize teamwork at your company. Chatbots with the ability to run unit tests, software builds, and migrations also help boost efficiency.

A Focus on Continual Learning

The top IT leaders emphasize employee development by ensuring their companies offer a robust training program and tuition reimbursement as benefits. This focus on continual learning helps inoculate organizations against a skills gap that makes it difficult to compete in the current tech market. Additionally, providing a career ladder to employees through learning helps attract top candidates while retaining the talent already in house.

An Agent for Change Is Vital in an Era of Digital Transformation

Technology innovations continue to disrupt and transform business sectors from automobiles to insurance to healthcare. The best IT managers for this environment understand they need to change agents to help their companies evolve. While risk abounds, the opportunities for exponential growth are also numerous.

“As our business leaders venture into new areas of software development, or contemplates acquisition targets, a successful CIO can maneuver the technology organization to capitalize on those opportunities,” comments Justin Newcom, vice president of fleet-management software maker Omnitracs.

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