Three Things That Win You Accounting and Finance Jobs

A well-crafted and detailed resume perfectly illustrates your professional success in the world of accounting and finance. When combined with a personalized cover letter, it’s able to attract job interview opportunities from the top companies in your area. Still, an exemplary performance during that interview plays the largest role in eventually earning a job offer.

With a successful job search in mind, here are a few insights on how to win that offer when interviewing for an accounting or finance position. This advice is sure to put your career track on an upwards trend!

Likeable Candidates Tend to Get That Job Offer

Sure, it’s important to illustrate your robust experience and financial acumen during the interview. However, studies show companies typically hire candidates with good personalities they find likeable. In fact, a recent study by the Harvard Business Review bears out this fact.

According to the HBR, likeable and self-confident candidates were hired at a rate 2.5 times higher than other applicants. In short, during interview practice, work on showing off a positive personality and a friendly nature. This approach also helps during interactions with co-workers and clients – especially during the extra stress of tax time.

Here are three strategies for showing a likeable personality and self-confidence during interviews.

Exude Positive Body Language

Displaying positive body language by using gestures when answering questions shows your true personality. On the other hand, failure to do so makes your speaking seem more robotic and drone-like, giving off a poor impression. Be sure to focus on body language during your interview practice.

Natural Eye Contact Is Important

Making natural eye contact throughout the interview also influences the interviewer’s opinion of your personality. This is also important, given the increasing trend for video interviews throughout the business world. Once again, eye contact is an area you need to focus on when practicing for your interview.

Tie Your Experience to Specific Requirements for the Open Position

Financial companies want to hire candidates who did their homework before the interview. In short, understanding the specific requirements for their open position is a must. This way, you are able to illustrate in a friendly and confident manner how you’d

make a positive difference for that company by tying your tangible experience to their ideal candidate.

Ultimately, consider all three of these tips before your next interview for a better chance at a job offer.

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