Do You Have These Traits Outstanding Tech Leaders Share?

Technology managers need a unique mix of skills, including technical knowledge, business acumen, and a keen ability to communicate. Other leadership traits also help separate the top managerial talent from the rest of the pack. Ultimately, strong leaders remain an important competitive differentiator for any tech organization in today’s marketplace.

Whether you are a current IT manager or someone hoping to move into that role, knowing what makes the top industry leaders tick helps supercharge your career growth. With success in mind, let’s take a closer look at what separates the best from the rest in tech leadership.

Trusting Your Direct Reports

Micro-controlling the employees who report to you reflects poorly on your skills as a technology manager or team lead. Any top rank tech leader trusts their direct reports to do what’s expected of them. You need to truly believe everyone on your team possesses the skills to succeed given the right direction.

Business leadership expert, Stephen M. R. Covey noted in his book, “The Speed of Trust”, that project teams with a strong measure of trust between all members work more efficiently compared to those that don’t. The bottom line is they accomplish more in a smaller amount of time. This approach – where trust is freely given – needs to be your approach.

Humble Leaders Are Successful Leaders

No one wants to work under a manager known for condescension and regularly displaying a strong ego. As such, humility is a worthy trait the best IT leaders typically project to both their direct reports and the executive team. The Washington Post, in an article on leadership, commented on the positive aspects of humble leadership.

“The humble, on the other hand, are more pro-social. They build connections. They’re more helpful, tolerant, sensitive, and accepting of differences,” the article noted. This leadership approach is especially relevant given the importance of collaboration in an IT industry where Agile and DevOps are in vogue.

Simply Being a Good Listener

The best leaders don’t simply dictate and issue proclamations from on high. In fact, they are known as good listeners able to see all sides of any situation; ensuring no issues or personality conflicts turn into problems affecting employee morale. Ultimately, they understand that good communication is truly a two-way street.

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