Hire Engineering Grads Who Last

Finding talented emerging engineering grads and professionals soon after graduation is the staffing focus of many great organizations. Helping these new hires to grow professionally over their first few years in the industry remains a great way of retaining their services for the long-term. Ultimately, sourcing graduates with the staying power to last long in engineering (and at your company) needs to be the goal.

Here is an overview on a few strategies for finding, hiring and retaining engineering grads with the potential to be great. Leverage this advice so your company enjoys a neverending source of new talent.

Develop an Internship Program at Your Company

Internships provide a great way to see how a soon-to-be engineering graduate performs in your office. This offers valuable insights into a potential candidate’s chemistry with the rest of your team and how they react under pressure. The reverse is also true, as engineering students get a feel for your office culture and how a job with your company is ultimately good for their career.

Over time, your internship program helps raise the profile of your company among engineering students in the region. Fostering a culture known for professional development also helps attract emerging engineers to the program.

Use a Staffing Agency Experienced With Placing Engineering Graduates

An experienced staffing agency as a partner adds a measure of heft to any company’s hiring process. However, working with an agency that specializes in placing new engineering graduates improves the overall quality of your candidate pool. This is especially the case when working with the agency directly, as opposed to advertising open positions to the general public.

Accept Candidate Referrals From Your Current Employees

Maybe one of your employees knows a talented engineering student about to graduate? As such, don’t forget employee referrals as a source for candidates. A current worker is able to offer insights on the student’s chances for staying with your firm for the long haul.

A Meaningful Career Development Program Helps With Retention

A graduate new to the field wants to work for a company that invests in their career growth. Your organization needs a robust employee development program that starts on someone’s first day in the office. Other perks like tuition reimbursement are also important, especially when requiring an employee to stay with your firm for a period of time after accepting assistance.

When your organization needs advice with sourcing talented engineering grads and candidates, speak with the experts at Venteon. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in Detroit, we provide the talent to help your firm’s success. Schedule a meeting with us soon!



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