Beat Out the Competition to Land Your Dream Job

A successful job search in the technical and financial fields requires planning and a strong effort throughout the process. Even in a good economy with low unemployment, the competition for the best positions remains fierce. Therefore, you need to do whatever it takes to stand out from the pack to ensure you get an interview and ultimately a job offer.

Let’s take a closer look at a few tips and tricks at beating out the competition to land the job of your dreams. All your efforts will end up paying off in the long run.

Emphasize What Makes You Unique

If you made it to the final round of interviews, chances are good your skills and experience match what the company needs – as well as those of the other remaining candidates. At this point, try to focus on the unique abilities you bring to the table. Bruce Eckfeldt, an Inc. 500 CEO and business coach commented on this approach.

“Look beyond the job description and the required technical skills to find an attribute that gives you a huge advantage, preferably something that will impact the business or address the hiring manager’s implicit concerns or issues,” said Eckfeldt.

Forge a Bond With the Hiring Manager

According to a recent study, hiring managers make a final decision on a candidate based on emotion. Try to forge a meaningful bond with them during the interview, with the hope of getting them to feel enthusiastic about your chances to make a positive difference with their organization. The same approach applies during technical interviews with potential co-workers – make them want to work with you.

Showing enthusiasm and passion for the open position and what you can do for their company when given the chance is the smart approach. Work on these techniques during your interview practice sessions.

Using Subtlety When Comparing Yourself to Other Candidates

Sure, it’s important to distinguish yourself compared to the other candidates for the open position. At the same time, never bash them, as this comes off as being negative or braggadocious. Instead, highlight your own unique skills in a subtle manner, using tangible experiences from throughout your career.

Ultimately, the smartest tack is to stay positive, especially when it comes to your excellent fit for their open position.

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