Stand Out in the First 90 Days of Your New Job

Congratulations are in order. Powered by a well-crafted resume, personalized cover letter, and an exemplary interview performance, you accepted a job offer from a top company in your area. Your first day is soon, and with the onboarding process already underway, starting-off on the right foot is important.

Remember, becoming a contributing member of your new team as quickly as possible is the goal. After all, you want to make a great first impression. As such, here are a few ideas and insights on how to make a meaningful impact in the first three months at a new job.

Quickly Learn the Company’s Processes

Getting up to speed with your new employer’s unique processes is essential. If you are a software developer, this means learning the source control system, coding standards, and application deployment process. New accountants need to understand the software and systems used to track financial information.

No matter your specific role, quickly becoming productive needs to be your goal. Consider beginning the process before your first day by studying any documentation offered by the company. Reach out if this isn’t provided.

Talk With Your Manager About Setting Goals and Expectations

On your first day, try to meet with your boss to go over their expectations for your first few months on the job. The best managers understand this and will work with you to set some short-term goals to get you started. Once these are determined, try your best to exceed those goals, as it shows the company they made the right choice by extending you an offer.

Build Relationships With Your New Co-Workers

Building long-lasting relationships remains an essential part of professional success. Make it a point to be a helpful and engaged team member both inside the office and after work is over. If and when you are invited for lunch or afterhours social activities, take advantage of this opportunity to get closer to your co-workers.

Additionally, gain an understanding of each co-worker’s skills and responsibilities within the office. This helps you when you need to reach out to someone for advice or to get a question answered. At the same time, be sure to return the favor whenever you are asked. Perhaps some insights from earlier in your career are helpful in solving a problem?

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