Suffering From Burnout Already? Read This!

While giving a full effort building a rewarding technology career, sometimes burnout becomes an issue. This brings with it the potential to siphon your productivity, lower your morale, and quite possibly affect your health. IT employers need to take steps to prevent burnout among their staff, but you also hold the most responsibility for your own well-being.

Needless to say, mitigating the adverse effects of burnout plays a big role in a successful and long-lasting tech career. Here are a few insights on the signs you are suffering from this issue and how to prevent it from hampering your professional life.

Suffering From a Lack of Motivation or Worse?

If you are beginning to feel uninspired at work on a regular basis, burnout needs to be considered as a possibility. When that lack of inspiration is combined with physical exhaustion or other symptoms like an inability to focus or being quick to anger, get a checkup with your doctor. If there is nothing medically wrong with you, job stress is a likely cause for your malaise.

At this point, it becomes important to deal with the issue quickly before more serious problems arise. Jacinta M. Jiménez, a doctor of psychology and coaching head at the career leadership firm BetterUp, commented on the need to handle your work stress.

“Along with the psychological repercussions, putting one’s body into a chronic stress state can take a major toll on your immune system and you may find yourself coming down with ailments more often than usual,” said Jiménez.

Combating Burnout and Stress in Your Professional Life

Identifying that you are suffering from job stress is simply the first step in dealing with the problem. Take a deep breath and perform some self-analysis to determine the underlying causes for your burnout. A technology job requires a focused effort, but consider a quick vacation to allow some time for reflection.

Take steps to improve your health and lifestyle if necessary. Regular meditation sessions help to lower stress levels and facilitate the self-reflection necessary to alleviate burnout. Exercise also builds your energy level to better prepare yourself for that daily technology grind.

Finally, consider speaking with a trusted colleague from your professional network. Their insight might be the missing key in handling work-related stress.

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