3 Tips for Finding Better Michigan Employees

When your company needs a fresh influx of talent – software developers, accountants, or engineers – executing a well-considered staffing plan is a must. Sourcing the best technical and financial  Michigan employees requires a focused effort. An organized and efficient hiring process ensures the right candidates get hired and onboarded.

What follows are a few tips on how to recruit better local Michigan employees, no matter your company’s needs. Leverage these ideas to ensure your organization never suffers from a skills gap while employing the talent it needs for continued success.

Foster a Company Culture Able to Attract the Best Michigan Employees

Building a culture known for excellence remains a leading way to recruit top Michigan employees, simply because they want to work for the best. Being known for interesting work, open communication, and a robust employee development program helps foster this kind of culture. An active presence in your community at charitable events and industry-related conferences helps get the word out to potential candidates.

Your organization’s hiring process also needs to reflect your culture. Always keep candidates in the loop after interviewing them. Additionally, ensure your interview process doesn’t take an inordinate amount of time.

A Referral Program Gets Your Current Employees Involved in Recruiting

Once your organization becomes known for its culture, institute a referral program to let your current employees get involved. Studies show this approach leads to a significantly higher ratio of hires to applicants. It’s a go-to strategy when you want to improve the efficiency of your staffing process.

Obviously, offering rewards for successful referrals needs to be part of the program. Regularly query your staff for potential candidates whenever your company posts an open position. Also, ensure you keep employees with referrals in the pipeline informed throughout the process.

An Effective Onboarding Plan Is a Must

What’s the point of a well-executed staffing plan if your company’s onboarding process is a mess? A focused and efficient onboarding plan improves your company’s retention rate. Helping to make new hires feel welcome and productive needs to be the goal.

Use an online portal to let new hires fill out forms before their first day. They also need access to an employee manual as well as any documentation related to their job duties. This approach gets them productive as quickly as possible.

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