Three Traits Successful IT Leaders Share

Becoming a top-notch technology leader requires a unique mixture of technical talent, people skills, and more. Possessing the drive to continue advancing throughout your career until retirement day is also important. Additionally, the best managers in the industry share a few unique traits that are worthy of further exploration.

So if you dream of reaching the corner office for a leading technology organization, check out some of the characteristics of the top managers in the IT world. Leverage these concepts to stay on that path to professional success.

Understanding and Embracing Metrics

A variety of metrics exist in the technology world. They help managers and other personnel track a variety of things, including the efficiency of projects, as well as their ultimate efficacy after implementation. It’s vital for IT leaders to choose the right metrics for their business and understand the actionable information they reveal.

Will Conaway, CIO of Prime Healthcare, commented on their importance to successful managers. “The IT organizations that I see struggling with relationships and influence are the ones that don’t have the right metrics. They measure what makes them look good, but not what makes the organization better,” said Conway.

Fostering Problem-Solving on Your Team

The “buck stops here” is a time-honored phrase among leaders for nearly a century or more. But this attitude is actually harmful for some tech organizations. Managers dictating solutions too early in the problem-solving process actually inhibits your team from developing their own skills in this area.

You need to foster the decision-making acumen of your direct reports. Being able to manage professionals with this skill set makes your job easier, especially when considering the rapid pace of change in the modern technology world. Conway suggests using decision matrices to facilitate discussion on a project’s most important factors and any alternate paths based on the choices made.

Creativity When It Comes to Finding Technology Talent

Talented people remain the lifeblood of any quality tech organization. Considering the competitive landscape for these IT professionals, managers need to get creative when it comes to sourcing great candidates. Developing strong relationships with local universities, including internship programs, is a must.Finally, partner with a top-ranked technical staffing agency in your region. The best agencies understand the local market and maintain a supply of excellent IT candidates.

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