Does AI Approve of Your Resume?

Artificial intelligence continues to make a disruptive influence across many industries in the technology world and beyond. It gets used in self-driving automobiles, automated stock trading, and even customer service chatbots. One other area seeing an impact from AI is recruiting and resume reading, as it helps staffing organizations discover and vet worthy candidates for their open positions.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at how artificial intelligence is causing a disruption in the staffing process. Is your resume able to stand up to the muster of an algorithm determining your overall worthiness as a candidate? Finding your next job might depend on it.

Machine Learning Is Making a Difference in Staffing

Machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) are the AI-related technologies making the most impact on the staffing process. They are able to quickly analyze a myriad of resumes, with a recruiter’s daily routine becoming more efficient as a result. The top candidates for their open position are quickly discovered using AI.

NLP helps computers understand and interpret the written word. It’s become especially useful in parsing resumes, which typically follow a somewhat standardized format with minimal longer-form paragraphs. It understands context, allowing it to determine a candidate’s qualifications, including their skills and experience level.

Machine learning contributes to the process by helping the NLP algorithms build the taxonomy they use when processing resumes. Essentially, it teaches the routines the most important terms and their context within the structure of a resume. As it processes through more and more candidates, it improves its ability to find the best matches.

This process also works in the opposite direction. Given one resume, the AI becomes better able to source open positions for which the candidate makes a great fit. So finding a job ultimately becomes easier for candidates.

Preparing Your Resume for AI Analysis

Thankfully, the same qualities that make a great human-readable resume also apply to AI-based analysis. Focus on peppering your CV with the hottest keywords describing your skills and experience. Place additional emphasis on the most recent positions in your career path.

Obviously, accuracy and honesty remain important. Use common phrases that detail the tangible difference you made for previous employers. Once again, focus on your recent jobs to make a better match between open positions and your current experience level.

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