Use This Tactic to Improve Workplace Motivation

Keeping your office inspired and engaged remains a key responsibility of managers all across the business landscape. Employee engagement especially matters in the competitive worlds of technology and finance. In short, a motivated office helps boost productivity while also contributing to a healthy bottom line.

Here are a few insights on how to improve the motivation of your high tech or accounting workplace. Leverage this keen advice to keep your company’s staff productive throughout the next 12 months and beyond. Good luck in your efforts!

Managers and Employees Working Together to Set Collaborative Goals

Two recent studies revealed some interesting facts on how workers perceive their place within their employer’s organization. 60 percent of one survey’s respondents felt they didn’t understand their company’s goals, values, or mission statement. Another study noted only 13 percent strongly agreed their managers help set their performance goals.

Taken together, those two responses reveal a form of dissonance impacting employee motivation. The importance of managers and employers working together to set personal goals in alignment with the company’s overall goals is vital.

This becomes even more important when considering the increased importance of collaboration and teamwork in a modern tech world influenced by DevOps. Keeping your employees inspired involves giving them a great reason to do their best. Personal goals aligned with the overall team goals definitely helps achieve this synergy.

Hard Data Reveals the Productivity Boost of Collaborative Goal-Setting

In essence, collaborative goals emphasize teamwork and transparency, and are more effective than the monolithic, top-down method of managers simply giving employees their goals. A study from Gallup reveals the greater efficacy of the former approach. It notes that employees who work together with their managers in goal-setting are eight times more engaged compared to those who don’t.

The importance of aligning personal goals with those of the company also cannot be overstated. Employees need to understand how much their effort matters within the grand scheme of things. Tying year-end bonuses to the organization’s overall performance also helps in this regard.

Another advantage of collaborative goals involves the increased communication involved in the process of setting them. Employees become more inspired when they feel their voices are being heard. Allowing them input into their own goals, while also making them compatible with the overall organizational goals, is vital.

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