Are You Onboarding New Accountants Effectively?

An effective onboarding process plays an essential role in ensuring a new accountant hits the ground running. Considering the costs of finding and hiring new talent, your organization must focus on making any fresh hire productive as quickly as possible. It also plays a role in their professional satisfaction, and ultimately, retaining their services over the long haul.

What follows are a few strategies for a successful onboarding of an accounting hire. Leverage these insights to keep the efficiency of your organization as high as possible. Your new employee will thank you!

A Standard Onboarding Process Is Important

Work with your HR team to devise a standardized onboarding process that leverages automation as much as possible. Additionally, an online HR platform lets your new hire fill out any insurance forms and other relevant information before their first day. This lets you focus on integrating them with their new co-workers – truly making the new accountant feel part of the team.

This process needs to include introducing your new employee to the company’s mission, goals, and office culture. Consider making introductory videos from your management team to use as part of their onboarding. Going the extra mile in this regard lets new hires feel they made the right choice in accepting your job offer.

Focus on Any Relevant Training – Software and Processes

Your organization likely hired a candidate with the practical knowledge of most common accounting systems. Nevertheless, they are likely to need training in any processes or other software unique to your organization. Give them the opportunity to accomplish this as much as possible before their first day.

For example, if your organization uses Cloud-based software, consider giving them access to a test environment for their own self-study. At the same time, email any process manuals or other documentation for review after the acceptance of your job offer is official.

A Productive First Day in the Office

By accomplishing many of the typical onboarding tasks ahead of the time, the new accountant is able to concentrate on interacting with their new co-workers and managers on their first day. Consider having them shadow someone with a similar role to get a better feel for a typical day’s activities. Going to lunch with the team truly makes them feel part of the family.

In short, a well-considered process simply makes onboarding easier and more effective.

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