Five IT Jobs You Should Apply for in 2019

With the dawning of the new year, it’s a great time to take stock of your technology career. Considering all the twists and turns of the IT industry, perhaps a change in your career path takes you to higher levels of success. Remember, some of the hottest tech skills of a decade ago simply aren’t in demand in the current market.

Here are a few IT jobs worthy of consideration for 2019 and beyond. If you don’t currently boast the skills to apply for them today, perhaps they inspire an effort to get the right training for the future!

Database Administrator

Given the increased reliance on data in the modern economy, it makes sense that database professionals continue to be needed across nearly all business sectors. Database administrators design databases and manage them in production. Technical skills, included SQL programming, are needed, but a measure of business acumen also helps IT pros succeed in this role.

Plex ERP Manager

Plex is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application helping medium to larger-size businesses run all aspects of their operations. A modern example of this application type, Plex emphasizes data analytics and automation and is especially compatible with organizations in the automotive sector. Successful candidates for this role also boast a mix of business and technical skills.

.NET Developer

For nearly two decades, Microsoft’s .NET Framework helps organizations build robust applications for both the desktop and the web. Businesses still need talented professionals experienced in .NET – everything from ASP.NET to the MVC framework. This remains a good career path for senior-level programmers as well as those new to the industry.

ETL Developer

Since businesses rely so much on data, they need access to it on multiple systems. This creates a strong demand for ETL developers well versed in writing code able to transfer and translate data between systems. Like most data-related IT roles, possessing a mix of business and technical acumen is a must.

Network Administrator

The venerable network administrator continues to be an important role in the technology industry. In the modern era, candidates need experience with Cloud services combined with a strong understanding of LANs and other networking concepts. Additionally, the ability to perform customer support in a friendly and competent manner is also vital.

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