Why Is It So Important to Connect With Your New Employees…Especially Now?

When hiring a new employee, an efficient onboarding process helps the fresh hire become productive as quickly as possible. This concept especially applies at technical and financial companies, where process and interaction keep operations running smoothly. In short, you need to quickly connect with new hires and make them feel part of the team.

Here are a few tips aimed at helping you successfully onboard new hires. Leverage these ideas to get the most out of your company’s staffing investment, especially when making seasonal hires. A healthier bottom line can be the result.

The Right Training Is Essential

New hires working in anything from accounting to software development to network administration need to receive the right training to succeed. This especially applies when they first join your organization. Consider starting this process, even before their first day if they are willing and able to take relevant online courses at home.

In short, ensuring they are trained in the specific applications they use for their work is essential. This approach also helps you retain their services over the long haul. If the new employee is seasonal, observing how well they learn the material helps when considering them for a permanent position.

Integrate Them in Your Company Culture

The employee being onboarded probably understands your company culture on the surface. Now that they are in your office, make sure they become fully immersed in the culture. This approach helps your team truly make a connection with them.

Their full understanding of the company’s policies, procedures, and approach to project work ensures a productive first few months on the job. Engage their manager and senior co-workers in making sure this process goes smoothly. Set a few short-term goals so they quickly receive vital feedback.

Interaction Outside the Office Also Helps Make a Connection

Of course, social interaction outside the office is another important part of onboarding any new employee. Taking them out to lunch on their first day is traditional. Also, consider hosting an afterhours social gathering so everyone gets to know each other a little better.

Ultimately, a well-considered onboarding process helps foster the kind of office culture that improves both employee morale and productivity.

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