The Holiday Season Is a Great Time for an Accounting Career Change

While it seems counterintuitive, the holidays actually are a great time to change up your accounting career. While many of your co-workers focus on parties and finishing their shopping lists, take the time to update your resume and increase your networking efforts. Many companies are looking to make staffing changes to best prepare for the opportunities in January and beyond.

Let’s dive into some of the reasons the holiday season is a great time to look for a new job. This effort can start your career path trending upwards soon after the new year begins!

December Is the Best for Job Seekers

Joe Weinlick, a senior vice president of marketing at Nexxt, Inc., commented on starting a job search at the end of the year. “Many people take off from work during December, so job seekers often take that as a cue that human resources professionals are out of the office and hiring comes to a halt in December. Based on our conversations with human resource managers, this is a myth,” said Weinlick.

In fact, a recent survey of hiring managers noted that 94 percent of them recommend job seekers still look for work during December. Holiday vacation time and the creation of new yearly budgets are two of the top reasons. They feel the holidays are the ideal time for a job hunt.

Once budgets are defined, companies are ready to begin hiring in December with the hopes of starting the new year with a bang.

Less Competition During the Holidays

Whenever you want a new accounting position, expect to compete with other talented professionals for the top jobs in the field. During December, however, your competition is spending time at parties and gift shopping. This makes it easy to quickly find the position of your dreams, because you now understand how companies approach their year-end planning.

Additionally, hiring managers prefer candidates who stay responsive during this time. When you stand out from the pack in this manner, your chances at earning a job offer become greater. Showing the flexibility to meet with companies on short notice is another plus.

Ultimately, when a change in your accounting career is in order, December is actually the best time of the year to start a job search.

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