Want to Find Top Engineering Talent (Before Your Competitors?)

In a robust economy, the competition for the best engineers in the field remains fierce. When considering the costs of finding, hiring, and retaining great employees, this is one battle engineering firms need to win. Of course, keeping productivity at its highest and the bottom line at its healthiest depends on great talent.

With an eye towards success when it comes to your company’s staffing efforts, here are a few tips on finding great engineers. Be sure to leverage these ideas before your competitors. Your organization’s continued prosperity is sure to follow.

Recruit the Competition’s Top Engineers

All’s fair in love, war, and business. Attempting to hire away some of your competition’s best engineering talent is an approach worthy of consideration. Improving your staff while making theirs less talented seems ruthless on the surface, but it needs to be part of your staffing arsenal.

Technology manager, Alan Fluhrer commented on this tactic. “The only time it’s an issue is if you’re going after specific people at companies, to get their specific knowledge. And to do it at the detriment of that company. So trying to recruit the best people — and they happen to be at your competition — has never been an issue. The only time to be aware of this is after you interviewed somebody and you need to make sure that any documents they’ve signed has any restrictions,” said Fluhrer.

In essence, don’t attempt to poach someone for a certain engineering innovation. On the other hand, simply hiring a great engineer – no matter their current employer – is generally fair game.

Keep Your Recruiting Efforts Positive

Always highlight the positive aspects of your company’s engineering practice, instead of badmouthing the culture of the candidate’s current employer. Would you hire an engineer who spoke poorly of their previous employers? They likely expect the same tact from your interviewing team.

Keeping things positive is another key to staffing success.

A Modernized Hiring Process Helps Attract the Best

Ensure your company’s hiring process is modern, fast and efficient. Engineers are currently in high demand, make this a candidate’s market. An innovative high-tech recruitment effort that matches your internal culture helps your company clinch the deal.

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