Use These Tips to Boost Your Resume’s Skills List

An effective resume still gives you the best chance at earning an interview for a top technical position. This includes a detailed listing of the skills you bring to the table as either an experienced or a new professional. You need to make this list easy to read for hiring managers – and easy to find through an online search, as well.

Check out this array of online courses to boost your resume’s skills listing – technical and otherwise. Maybe taking a few training classes or earning a certification helps your chances at getting noticed? Soon, expect top-notch companies to begin beating down the doors to interview you!

More Companies Are Looking for Google Docs Experience

Depending on your profession, chances are strong you need to be well-versed in office software, like spreadsheets or word processors. Increasingly, companies are turning to Google Docs as an inexpensive option to the Microsoft Office suite. Consider taking an introductory class in Google Docs to add this important, but overlooked, skill to your CV.

Financial Professionals Need to Be Excel Experts

Many financial professionals know Excel like the back of their hand. Creating a complex formula for them is usually a piece of cake. If you are new to the industry, or need a refresher, a detailed online course is a must. Look for options that also cover topics related to data analysis, a need these days in most technical disciplines.

By the way, this growing demand for Excel skills also applies to engineers and software developers.

UI/UX Developers Need Graphic Design Skills

If you are web developer working on user interfaces, experience in Adobe Photoshop looks great on a resume. To boost your skills in this area, taking an online course in Photoshop as well as one in Adobe Illustrator provides a thorough overview. This approach especially makes sense if you are new to user interface design.

Data Science Is Growing in Importance

Technical professionals with exposure to data science remain in demand throughout the tech industry. These analytical skills are vital for companies hoping to successfully compete in the modern economy. A crash course in data science is useful for someone with no exposure to the topic. Additionally, consider adding data analytics to your personal curriculum. For example, this course is especially useful for Python developers.

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