Is Technology Making You Less Productive?

While there’s no denying the boost in productivity gained from using certain technologies, the opposite also rings true. Being tethered to a smartphone causes some to be distracted while at the office. Even perusing social media networks – especially those not named LinkedIn – siphon the efforts of otherwise productive workers.

In today’s business landscape, IT workers need to be more mindful of their productivity levels. With that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure your use of technology makes you a better worker, and not the other way around!

Focus on Different Tasks Suitable for That Time of Day

Your mood and focus level changes throughout the business day. With that fact in mind, try to concentrate on completing different task types based on the time of the day. For example, answering emails is something best handled early in the morning as your mental faculties are ramping up.

The most important thing is to stay mindful, while not falling in the trap of technology distractions, like text messaging or browsing Facebook.

Don’t Be Afraid to Turn Off Your Smartphone Notifications

As noted earlier, smartphones are likely the biggest technology distraction in the workplace. When it comes time for a period of focused mental activity, turn off the notifications on your phone. This lets you maintain a measure of productivity on an important task.

Also consider using an app, like Quality Time, that blocks other apps from running during the workday. Another option is to put your smartphone on airplane mode to keep any distractions from hampering a focused effort. In short, don’t become a slave to your mobile device – this includes smartwatches and tablet computers, as well!

The Importance of Person-to-Person Communication

Even in an age where technology continues to expand its influence, interpersonal relationships still lie at the heart of a productive business. Instead of sending a text message or an intra-office email, go meet with the person face to face.

This approach to fostering teamwork is especially relevant in this age of Agile and DevOps. Let the technological advancements – like chatbots and automation – boost the productivity of your team, while standups and other meetings keep everyone focused on the common goal. Ultimately, it’s the mindful use of technology that boosts overall productivity while keeping any distractions to a minimum.

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