Don’t Let a Cyber Attack Happen at Your Workplace!

The scourge of cybercrime appears in the news on what seems like a weekly basis. Individuals and companies of all sizes become victims of ransomware, phishing attacks, and various types of hacking incidents. Everyone needs to take the right steps to protect their computers, servers, smartphones, and networks from hackers and other nefarious agents who want to commit a cyber attack.

Businesses, especially those with public-facing eCommerce websites, must step up their game when it comes to information security. What follows are a few insights and ideas on how to protect your company’s computer network and systems from a cyber attack. Take heed of this advice for keeping hackers out!

Cyber Criminals Use These Methods to Hack Businesses

According to a report from Verizon, hackers primarily rely on weak passwords and malicious email attachments to gain access to computers, smartphones, and servers. The first line of defense for most businesses involves training employees on creating strong passwords. Additionally, using two-factor authentication adds another layer of password protection for corporate systems.

Audit Your Current Information Security Practices and Policies

Work with your company’s IT team to audit the current cybersecurity or cyber attack policies. The following questions need answered: How and where is sensitive data stored? Is there a higher security level required for this data? Review this information and determine whether or not additional steps to secure that information are necessary.

At the minimum, you need to monitor all employees’ data usage, whether inside the office, at their home or at a remote site. Obviously, the monitoring level needs to be stricter for those with access to sensitive data. Also, ensure all data backups are stored in a secure location.

More Employee Cybersecurity Training Is Required

A recent PwC study revealed that only half of the surveyed executives conduct employee awareness training on cybersecurity. With more employees working remotely, using their own computers and mobile devices, they need to know how to protect their systems. This also helps prevent malware from migrating to the company network when they are in the office.

As part of this training, implement a security policy for all smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. Work with your network administrators to develop a policy for managing the mobile devices accessing your networks. This is an essential part of any business cybersecurity policy.

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