Use These Five Tips to Create a Better Onboarding Program

New employees are the lifeblood of any organization, be it a software development shop or an accounting office. Getting these fresh hires up to speed as quickly as possible keeps the productivity level at its highest. Consider reengineering your company’s onboarding process for an additional boost when a new worker joins the team.

What follows are a few insights on improving the onboarding program at your office. Getting new staff engaged and focused helps their morale as well as the bottom line of your company. Good luck!

Don’t Wait Until Day One to Begin Onboarding

Once a candidate accepts their job offer, it becomes time to start the onboarding process – even before their first day. This rule especially makes sense for any position where the new hire needs to learn a new software app, as well as any policies or procedures unique to their role. Also, leverage a company online portal to let the new team member fill out insurance and tax forms ahead of time.

Strengthen the Personal Aspect of Onboarding

Assign someone to serve as a mentor for the new employee during their first few weeks on the job. This helps them get to know their new co-workers and really feel part of the team. Encourage your staff to invite the new hire to lunch and after-hours social activities.

Introduce the New Employee to the Company Culture

Fostering your company culture needs to be a main goal of a well-considered onboarding process. Quickly immerse new employees in the values of the company. Use a personal meeting, a manual, or even an introduction video for this purpose.

Make the Process Engaging From the Beginning

High employee morale definitely boosts your company’s overall productivity while also leading to a high retention rate. Making the onboarding process fun and engaging starts things off on the right foot. Keep this in mind when choosing someone as a mentor for the new employee.

Focus on Building the Confidence of Your New Employee

Ultimately, the result of any onboarding process is a confident new employee able to immediately become a productive worker. Make sure they understand their role and are prepared for it. They need to feel truly empowered to make a difference for your firm.

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