Keep Employee Engagement Strong This Summer

With the summer doldrums in full force, it becomes difficult to keep your staff inspired and productive. Vacations, late lunches, and half-day Fridays all conspire to siphon the energy of your organization. Making sure your employee engagement stays strong throughout the season ultimately helps your company’s bottom line.

What follows are a few tips and tricks for improving employee engagement during the summer. In essence, a full week in August matters as much as one in February. Leverage these insights to make sure everyone stays focused on the task at hand – no matter how nice the weather looks outside!

The Right Training Helps Inspire Your Technical Team

Ensuring your employees receive meaningful training throughout the year keeps them inspired. When they understand how your company helps them improve their skill set, workers give extra effort – even on a perfect summer day. The best technical and financial professionals need to know a career ladder exists with your firm.

In addition to improved productivity, expect your retention rate to also trend upwards.

Recognize the Accomplishments of Your Staff

Leverage the great weather of summertime to host an outdoor event celebrating the achievements of your team. Maybe an outing at an amusement park makes sense? This lets your employees bring their family, so everyone is able to join in recognizing the hard work of your staff.

It’s an approach serving two purposes. In addition to employee recognition, some time outdoors during the summer lets your team destress from all that hard work in the office. They return the next week inspired and focused on their current task list.

A Positive Company Culture Is a Must

Recognizing the efforts made by your employees is also an important part of building a top-notch company culture. This plays a big role in keeping the productivity level at its highest during the summer season. When employees understand they are appreciated, they give their full effort throughout the year.

An Onboarding Process That Fosters Engagement

Consider changing up your company onboarding process to get your new employees productive as quickly as possible. Give them the tools to succeed; place them on a project team, and have one of your top workers serve as their mentor. This same concept applies whether the new hire starts in the summer or any other time of the year.

When you need additional insights on keeping your team inspired – no matter the season – talk with the talented group at Venteon. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in Michigan, we offer the advice to get your organization to the top and ace your employee engagement. Click to contact us today.



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