Is Your Engineering Career Stable?

Even in a still-expanding economy, workers sometimes worry about the stability of their engineering career. Maybe the future prospects of their employer are questionable or the business recently suffered the loss of a major client? What if another recession rears its ugly head within the next year or two?

Thankfully, there are a few steps available to any professional for securing their engineering career against any potential short-term downturn. Leverage these useful insights and ideas to keep your professional life always trending upwards.

Build – and Maintain – an Active Professional Network

A vibrant professional network contributes to career success in a variety of fields, but especially engineering. If things seem unstable at your employer, a contact might provide some insights on open positions with other companies. They are also a great resource for advice on technical issues encountered on the job. Take advantage of conferences and online sources, like LinkedIn, to grow your network.

Improve Your Engineering Skills

An engineer’s professional learning only stops on the day of their retirement. Consistently making the effort to learn new skills and work on projects outside of your comfort zone keeps you valuable to any employer. Additionally, take advantage of any tuition reimbursement opportunities to earn an advanced degree.

Keep a Sterling Online Reputation

Make sure to review the privacy settings on your social media accounts, especially less formal sites, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Remember that recruiters search for engineering candidates online, so keeping a spotless online reputation is a must. A positive “online brand” helps your career stability!

Mentor Your Fellow Engineers

Employers appreciate engineers who go the extra mile to help their co-workers with difficult tasks. This kind of leadership also illustrates your managerial potential, which is something to make you even more valuable to your bosses. Don’t feel shy about mentoring new engineering employees to help them get their careers off on the right foot.

Partner With an Experienced Engineering Recruiter

A partnership with a talented and experienced engineering recruiter definitely maintains your career stability. The best technical recruiters understand the shifts within the industry while also keeping an ear out for open positions before they are publicized. They also help ensure your resume and online profiles are all top notch!

When searching for a recruiter as a partner look no further than the team at Venteon. As one of the top staffing agencies in the Detroit area, we can help take your engineering career to another level. Contact us today!



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