Do You Have an Accounting Career Roadmap?

Building a rewarding career in any industry becomes easier when you take the time to formulate a plan. The accounting profession offers no exception to this golden rule of career development. Simply flying by the seat of your pants wastes the opportunity for truly growing a successful professional life.

What follows are a few tips for building the kind of roadmap to keep your accounting career trending upwards. Leverage these ideas to end up in the corner office or anywhere else you want to go.

Following Your Own Career Path Is Vital

Take the time to document the things in life most important to you. Where you want to live? What about a family? Do you need more education? These items play a big role in formulating a career path to achieve your dreams. They are important factors in devising your roadmap.

Ultimately, a unique career path is what’s necessary for personal success. What worked for someone else might not hold relevance when it comes to your own hopes and goals. These concepts lie at the heart of any well-considered career roadmap.

Research Is Essential

Research needs to be an important part of any career plan. If you hope to someday live in a certain part of the country, it helps to familiarize yourself with the financial and accounting market in that region. Make it a point to network with like-minded professionals in that region.

The same concept applies if you plan on continuing your education to further your career prospects. Understanding what companies offer tuition reimbursement as a perk helps narrow down your list of potential employers. Analyze the degree programs matching your desires – perhaps an MBA makes more sense than a master’s in finance?

These are the kinds of questions that help drive your research. This information helps you develop a career roadmap detailed enough to lead to success.

Work With Your Manager

If you are happy with your current employer, your manager is a great source of advice on developing a career plan. They can offer insights from their own professional history that relate to what you are trying to achieve.

In a similar manner, speak with a recruiter experienced in the accounting field. Once again, they are another great source of valuable knowledge.

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