Losing Good Tech Employees? Here’s How to Stop It!

With the economy humming along and the unemployment rate staying low, companies need to ensure they retain their talent. This fact especially rings true in the competitive world of the technology industry. Losing your valuable tech employees siphons your organization’s productivity, while ultimately causing damage to the bottom line.

Here are a few reasons why companies lose talented workers, as well as some tips to prevent it from happening. Take heed of this advice to make sure your business keeps its team both now and in the future.

Employ an Excellent and Proactive Management Team

“Most people don’t quit their jobs; they quit their managers,” commented Wendy Duarte Duckrey, VP of recruiting at JPMorgan Chase. Because of this cold, hard truth, you need to employ the best managerial team possible. In fact, if your organizational retention rate is low, this is one of the first fixes you need to consider.

Ensure your managers receive the right training on conflict resolution and people skills. Only hire the best, with significant experience working with the same methodologies as your organization. Even though it sounds a bit obvious, any managerial team needs to include strong and talented leaders.

Provide a Meaningful Career Ladder

Technology professionals need to understand working for your company is good for their careers. Offer interesting projects with a chance to learn the latest innovations. Additionally, a robust training program and tuition reimbursement as a benefit are also part of the retention equation.

Remember, the best technology talent doesn’t necessarily make the best managers. Provide a career ladder for your employees who don’t want to move into management. If not, they’ll simply look elsewhere for the opportunity.

Offer Constructive Feedback on a Timely Basis

Tech employees need to know their work is valued. You and your managers need to offer relevant and timely feedback to your staff. Don’t rely on a yearly review schedule growing more obsolete in the modern workforce. Frequent reviews are simply more useful, especially to the millennials on your team.

“The biggest impact companies can make is to recognize and reward solid performance. This can take the form of a pat on the back for a job well done, financial incentives, or even promotions and giving high performers more responsibility, “said Joe Topinka, CIO of SnapAV.

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