Don’t Start Your Engineering CV Like This….

When searching for a new engineering job, your resume still matters greatly when it comes to earning an interview. It needs to be concise and easy to follow, while also including the hottest keywords recruiters are looking for. Considering the number of applicants for any open position, your candidacy must stand out from the pack.

Here are a few valuable tips for ensuring your engineering CV intrigues the companies searching for fresh talent. We also look at the best way to start your resume. Leverage these ideas for the best chance at the technical job of your dreams.

Wait Until the End to Write Your Resume Header

The heading of your resume needs to really catch the eye of a hiring manager. Hold off any desire to finish this part of your engineering CV first. Instead, wait until the rest of the document is finished. Working on this part first isn’t wise when it comes to authoring a great resume objective.

Taking this approach helps give the header the most impact possible. Simply going through the process of authoring the entire document helps you truly understand yourself as a professional engineer. You are now able to craft a meaningful summary or objective; inspiring the HR person to look more closely at your candidacy.

Keep the Job Description Handy When Writing Your CV

Having the company’s engineering job description open while authoring your resume is another smart idea. In fact, tailoring each resume for the specific position in question also makes sense. This enables you to highlight your professional experience and skills that match what the company desires in a candidate.

Of course, personalizing each cover letter in the same fashion needs to part of your job search strategy. Use the cover letter to support the contents of your resume. Go into more detail on how you are the engineer the company truly needs.

Summarize your Skills and Experience in the Resume Header

Once the rest of your CV is written, begin to author a concise and powerful summary or objective statement. Focus on how your skills and experience match those of the open position. Be sure not to go over two to three lines as you want to make a meaningful impact on the hiring manager. Short is sweet!

If you need additional help putting together a great engineering CV or resume, or are looking for new career opportunities, talk with the knowledgeable recruiters at Venteon. As one of the top engineering staffing agencies in the Midwest, we know which companies are looking for talented pros. Connect with us as soon as possible!



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