Are You Up to Date With the Latest IT Hiring and Salary Trends?

Any technology manager needs to remain current with the latest hiring and salary trends in the industry. This is a regular responsibility that plays an important role when it comes to the organizational staffing strategy. Failure to stay up to date leads to the development of a skills gap and a subsequent dip in productivity.

Here is a high-level overview of the 2018 hiring trends in the technology world. Leverage these insights to ensure your organization employs the most talented and productive staff possible.

The Tech Industry Still Suffering From a Talent Shortage

A recent survey of CIOs revealed the technology industry still suffers from a shortage of talent. This includes professionals experienced in information security and machine learning. 44 percent of those surveyed tech execs feel the inability to offer competitive salaries hampers their ability to properly source talent.

To handle this skills gap, companies are increasingly hiring IT pros with less experience but with a strong desire to learn new abilities.

It Takes Around One Month to Fill a Technology Position

Companies are finding they spend around four to five weeks to fill an open technology position. This includes advertising the job, filtering candidates, and the subsequent interviews. Nearly half of all CIOs are unhappy with the length of their organization’s hiring process.

More Tech Professionals Needed in Finance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing

The need for experienced IT pros is increasing in the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Automation and the Internet of Things are driving this growth, especially in the latter two business sectors. These organizations need tech talent experienced in the cloud, cybersecurity, mobile, and Big Data.

Corporate Technology No Longer Limited to the IT Department

The days of information technology being isolated in its own silo appear to be waning. Forty-seven percent of the surveyed CIOs note the increased collaboration between IT and marketing. Because of this, businesses are increasingly looking for technology professionals with strong communication and critical-thinking skills.

Companies Offering Higher Salaries and Better Perks

The referenced study also noted IT workers rank high on the job-happiness scale. A major reason for this is the robust compensation packages provided to tech employees. 81 percent of the surveyed companies offer regular bonuses and perks that include flexible schedules and the ability to work from home.

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