Looking For a Finance Career? Remove These Words From Your LinkedIn Profile!

Recruiters increasingly rely on LinkedIn and other online communities to both source and research candidates. This fact also rings true in the financial industry. As such, it is absolutely vital your LinkedIn profile remains up to date, while also highlighting your skills and experience.

With the best-possible LinkedIn profile in mind, here are a collection of buzzwords you need to remove from your account. Essentially, watch out for clichés and overused business jargon. Follow this advice to ensure you get the best chance of finding the finance career of your dreams.

Remove Any Unquantifiable Corporate Speak

Certain words and phrases are long past their useful date, and now reside in the world of clichéd corporate speak. “Strategic” is one example of a word that needs removed from your LinkedIn profile and resume. Recruiters and hiring managers feel the word suffers from being unquantifiable. Instead use action words like: “created,” “led,” and “defined.”

Some other words under this same generic umbrella of lingo include “solutions” or “metrics.” In short, use verbiage that explicitly defines what you are trying to say.

Unnecessary Boasting

“Best of breed” is a phrase that annoys many recruiters. Since finance companies want to hire smart workers able to collaborate and be a part of team, an egotistical nature is simply a turn off. So watch your use of “best” when describing your skills or professional accomplishments.

In a similar manner, watch out for the use of “expert” on your LinkedIn profile. The same rule about an unneeded ego display applies in this case. Present yourself as someone always willing to learn new things while striving to be a valuable employee.

Various Forms of “-Driven”

Hiring managers tend to be turned off by the use of “results-driven” or “deadline-driven” on a LinkedIn profile. These clichés are essentially meaningless, as they really apply to any professional in the finance industry. “Detail-oriented” is a similar clichéd phrase that you need to remove from your resume and profile.

Keep “Leadership” Off Your LinkedIn Profile

“Leadership” is another example of a word that’s too vague to provide any value to a recruiter. Instead, focus on the managerial activities that truly quantify your experience. This is another case where details and actionable verbiage matter more.

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