Use Your Workplace Culture to Support Employees

Building a company culture that fosters employee growth and professional satisfaction needs to be the goal of any organization. This especially rings true with technical businesses where it is more difficult to find talented and experienced workers. Ultimately, office culture remains a great competitive differentiator between the leaders and followers within any business sector.

What follows are a few insights on how to best use your organizational culture to support your workers. Keeping them engaged and inspired helps improve efficiency, productivity, and the company’s bottom line. Growing the right culture is a must to accomplish this goal.

A Workplace Culture Centered on Employee Well-Being

Focusing an organizational culture on employee well-being helps drive the engagement necessary for a productive business. A happy office works harder than one where employees simply go through the motions. Brandon Lawrence, director of human resources for a furniture manufacturer, commented on the cultural approach at his business.

“One of the biggest challenges was finding a solution that everyone, no matter their age or health status, could participate in. Not just participate in, but something they were actually excited about. We wanted a solution we could integrate into every level of our company,” said Lawrence.

They implemented a solution that includes a wide range of activities to foster employee engagement. These include organized company walks, healthy cooking demonstrations, and other wellness-oriented programs. Company metrics noted an increase in employee engagement and happiness, as well as an improved work-life balance.

Data Supports the Benefits of a Positive Company Culture

The technology industry thrives on strong collaboration between employees. This remains one of the reasons for the growing popularity of DevOps. A recent survey from reveals a few data points illustrating the benefits provided by fostering the right kind of company culture.

Notably, 81 percent of all businesses that foster collaboration allow their employees to fully reach their potential. On the other hand, 71 percent of employees working for organizations with a poor work-life balance want to find a new job elsewhere.

In short, companies that encourage employee development while offering the right perks, including tuition reimbursement and flexible schedules, are able to retain their staff. Building a successful organization depends on great employees. Companies need the right culture to attract and retain their workers.

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