How to Craft a More Effective IT Resume

A well-authored resume plays a key factor to your success when looking for a new technology position. This “golden rule” especially applies when you hope to climb that proverbial career ladder. Simply updating an older CV with your most recent skills and experience likely won’t put you in the best possible light.

With a successful job search in mind, here are a few ideas on how to give your IT resume a makeover. These insights provide you with the best chance for an improved position, salary, and career outlook. Good luck in your efforts!

Highlight Your Leadership Strengths and Senior-Level Experience

When hoping for a senior or managerial role in IT, it helps to craft a resume highlighting your skills and experience in this area. In essence, you need to write a CV for the job you want, not the one you currently possess. It needs to be something suitable for an executive-level IT professional.

Perform an analysis of your technical and leadership experience, taking note of the unique traits making you attractive to potential employers. This helps you derive a career focus suitable for a higher level IT position. Emphasize the leadership and project management roles in your work history, as well as any continuing education with a concentration in the skills needed for success in this role.

Resume Brevity Is Important

As part of this process, trim the portions of your resume unrelated to a senior-level IT role. While it is important to display that you possess the right technical background, focus on what’s required for this higher level role. Remember what we said about writing a resume for the job you want.

Length is also important. Considering the number of candidates HR personnel need to vet for an open position – even senior-level roles – two pages needs to be the limit. A concise resume that manages to encapsulate your managerial skills, experience, and accomplishments into a few notable statements is vital.

Focus on your teambuilding skills, Agile and/or DevOps experience, as well as strong written and verbal communication abilities. Tangible evidence of the positive impact of your leadership for previous employers is another must. Finally, working with a talented senior technology recruiter helps ensure your new resume positions you for the next level in your IT career.

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