How Are Accounting Pros Wasting 20+ Hours Each Week?

An efficient and productive workplace remains the goal of any manager, and this rule also applies to the financial and accounting world. However, a recent study noted that professionals typically waste over 20 hours each week. Finding out the reasons behind this lost productivity might help mitigate it in the future.

Let’s look more closely at how all this time gets wasted over the week. Maybe there are a few insights within to make your accounting office more productive? Boost your company’s bottom line by getting rid of waste in the workplace!

Identifying the Time-Wasting Inside Your Accounting Office

Figuring out how and why employees waste time in your office is obviously the key to solving the problem. It’s likely they aren’t slacking off all the time. Perhaps the operations of your organization also contribute to this inefficiency?

In fact, a recent study notes managers and business leaders also waste a significant amount of time each week. This happens even though the managerial team generally works a lot longer than a typical 40-hour work week. Understanding where this waste happens helps everyone work smarter and in a more productive manner.

This study discovered workers spent nearly seven hours each week working on low-value tasks. Another four hours are spent taking mental health breaks – typically watching YouTube videos or other activities. Answering the copious amount of emails received each day takes up another four hours.

This doesn’t even take into account meetings and other menial tasks conspiring to siphon the energy from your team. When considering the high salaries paid to your accounting staff, a wasted workday or two each week definitely hampers your company’s bottom line. Figuring out a way to mitigate this waste is a must to boost your accounting team’s productivity.

Focusing Your Team’s Efforts on Truly Productive Tasks

Consider taking these steps to improve efficiency at your office. Instead of focusing on email or endless meetings for communication, use a team productivity tool like Slack. Implement an employee wellness program, to lessen stress levels among your staff. They’ll need fewer mental health breaks as a result.

Analyze their current workloads to ensure any low-value tasks don’t take up the valuable time of your top employees. Encourage them to spend their efforts on what’s truly important. Prioritization is vital!

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