Will a Robot Take Your Engineering Job?

The rapid growth of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning continues to revolutionize multiple industries. Companies leverage these emerging technologies to improve efficiency, productivity, and ultimately boost their bottom line. Nonetheless, the concept of a robot someday taking their engineering job strikes fear in the hearts of many technology professionals.

So, is all this worry about robotic engineers dominating the workforce simply misplaced? Let’s take a closer look at the facts to see if you truly need to fear some form of R2-D2 taking your engineering job.

A Recent Study Reports Nearly Half of All Jobs to Be Replaced By Robots

Over the last few years, employees in all job roles began to fear losing their positions to a robot. In fact, a recent study by the University of Oxford notes that 47 percent of all American jobs risk being lost to automation over the next two decades. This Oxford study, combined with similar reports, definitely increased the fear factor among this country’s workforce.

Fortunately, engineers needn’t start worrying about being replaced any time soon. In fact, not all types of professions are easily replaceable by automation or robotics. Anything that involves a measure of creativity – including engineering – is unlikely to be taken over by robots.

Engineers actually stand a better chance of robots making their jobs easier and more productive. Some engineering professionals are likely to work in designing, programming, and even coaching robots used for a variety of purposes. This kind of work happens daily in the manufacturing sector. Self-driving automobiles provide another example of engineers working on robotic applications.

Face the Fear of Robots

One great way for any engineer to embrace their fear of being replaced by a robot involves specializing in robotics engineering. As noted earlier, robots still need to be designed and programmed. Amazon now using over 100,000 robots in its workforce – among many other large businesses – likely provides enough job security to last until your retirement day.

Additionally, trust in the fact you chose a profession requiring both a keen intellect as well as the creative spark necessary to engineer new solutions for a variety of reasons. Focus on performing well and learning new things while continuing to enjoy a great career in the field of engineering.

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