Back to Basics: Five Simple Michigan Job Search Tips

When embarking on a search for a new position, it helps to be armed with a great resume, a cover letter template, and a plan of action. These same basic concepts apply to a Michigan job search as well as the rest of the country. Ultimately, you need to treat this effort like a full-time job of its own.

With an eye towards earning an interview and subsequently a job offer, here are a few basic tips to help your Michigan job search. Leverage these insights and soon you’ll be in the position of your dreams.

Personalize Your Resume and Cover Letter for Each Position

Hiring managers leverage technology to narrow down the number of candidates for each open position. Simply sending your standard resume along with a generic cover letter likely places your candidacy in the circular file. Make sure to personalize your CV while writing a cover letter specifically targeting any position for which you apply.

Additionally, include the right keywords to ensure you show up in the HR team’s search results.

Don’t Forget Your Professional Network

The internet isn’t the only valid source when searching for work. A robust professional network gives you the chance to learn about open positions in person. Attend local conferences and mixer events related to your field to grow your network.

Keep Your LinkedIn Account Current

Your LinkedIn profile essentially serves as an online resume. As such, make sure to regularly update it as your career changes. Once again, using hot current keywords to describe your skills and experience helps get you noticed.

Also take advantage of LinkedIn Groups to network with like-minded individuals in your field. This is another great source of potential job opportunities.

Exude a Genuine Personality

Cultural fit is very important to companies in the 21st century. When interviewing for a position – and even in your cover letter – don’t feel shy about showing your true personality. Organizations value someone who is talented and genuine.

Always Thank the Interviewer for the Opportunity

Sending a thoughtful thank-you note after an interview adds an extra touch that may earn you that job offer. In a similar manner as your cover letter, be sure to personalize it for the specific interviewer. Many organizations appreciate the consideration, whether or not you get the job.

If you need additional advice on searching for a new job, talk to the talented recruiters at Venteon. As one of the top technical and financial staffing agencies in Michigan, we can help you develop your career. Connect with us as soon as possible.



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