Who Should Manage New “Generation Z” Finance Employees?

Well, it seems that millennials are no longer the youngest professionals in the business world. Workers from Generation Z – sometimes referred to as post-millennials – are now graduating from college and looking for their first jobs. Maybe your financial services company currently employs a few?

Managing these younger team members requires a different tact, even compared to millennials. Finding the best management strategy as well as the personnel to lead them needs to be a focus at your office. So let’s take a look at a few best practices for the leadership of the post-millennial generation.

Keeping a Positive Outlook for the Future

According to an Ernst and Young study, post-millennials tend to hold a positive outlook for the future compared to older generations. In fact, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed expect to be better off financially than their parents. As such, expect Generation Z employees to stay out of the inter-generational issues that distract millennials and others.

An intuitive embracing of technology makes post-millennials suitable for positions in finance and technology. They hope to effect a positive change both in the office and the world as a whole. “Gen. Z-ers are interested in building something better and leaving something better for future generations,” says Larry Nash, a manager for Ernst and Young. In fact, they are especially excited for the future of the post-modern workplace.

“While Gen. Z’s predecessors tend to fear the looming A.I. revolution as a threat to their jobs, three-quarters of our Gen. Z respondents think new advances in technology like A.I. and robotics will spur an evolution of human work. Moreover, two-thirds think it will increase their productivity, and more than half think it will allow them to focus on more valuable work and gain deeper work experiences,” said Nash.

The Best Managers for Post-Millennials

Not surprisingly, millennials are likely the best managers for Generation Z financial employees. The EY study reveals two-thirds of post-millennials actually prefer a manager from that generation. They both share a desire for meaningful work, flexible scheduling, and a positive work-life balance.

In fact, these aspects of a professional life outstrip salary in importance. Only one percent of those surveyed listed pay rate as a priority when it comes to work opportunities. Keep these ideas in mind when interviewing Generation Z candidates for your next open position.

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