Do Your IT Salaries Stack Up?

The competitive environment for hiring technology professionals remains in full force. High demand raises the stakes when it comes to finding the best talent as well as retaining the services of your own employees. Obviously, good salaries and benefits play a big role in your company winning the battle for IT talent.

It is important to understand the current market when it comes to technology employment. Let’s take a closer look at the latest IT salaries and hiring trends to ensure your organization is able to successfully compete. The company’s productivity and ultimate success depends on it!

Demand for IT Talent Continues to Outpace Supply

Various industry studies note that the demand for technology professionals continues to be greater than the supply. This trend is expected to continue for at least the next year or two. Expect to pay higher IT salaries to be able to hire new employees as well retain those already onboard.

Certain IT job roles – especially information security – require extra effort to source and hire candidates. Keep this in mind when formulating your company’s staffing strategies through the rest of this decade. Don’t let a skills gap hamper the organization’s chance at success.

Hiring Technology Professionals Is Becoming More Difficult

A recent study noted that 44 percent of CIOs are unable to hire IT talent due to candidates wanting a higher salary. This reflects the demand outstripping supply issue mentioned earlier. Experienced tech pros know they are in demand and expect to be paid well to accept any job offer.

Candidates Want a Fast Hiring Process

As companies fight over the top industry professionals, organizations with a slow hiring process struggle to keep pace with their competition. Nearly 70 percent of surveyed IT pros lose interest in a position if the company doesn’t follow up within two weeks. 41 percent of CIOs understand the need to strike quickly once a great candidate is identified.

A Positive Culture Attracts the Right Talent

The best tech workers want a positive work environment almost as much as high pay. As such, 62 percent of surveyed firms now offer flexible scheduling. Nearly one-third offer their staff the ability to telecommute. Consider introducing these policies to give your company the best shot at attracting and retaining the workers it needs to succeed.

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