Get Refocused After the Holidays with These Tips

The holiday season, while obviously enjoyable, plays havoc with motivation at the office. Getting back into the game in the New Year requires a focused effort – both mentally and physically. A productive start in January and February naturally bodes well for your engagement over the next 12 months.

With a “get refocused” post-Holidays effort in mind, here are a few ideas on how to accomplish just that. Leverage these ideas to keep your productivity level at its highest, especially during those dark winter months. Soon you’ll be completing projects faster than ever before!

Stay Physically Active – in the Office and at Home

Following a regular exercise schedule helps give your energy level a boost throughout the year, but pays extra dividends in winter. When actually in the office, make it a point to take a break for a brisk walk or even perform some quick desk exercises. Also consider standing up while at your desk for an additional benefit.

Don’t rely on caffeine, or even worse – a sugar buzz – to give you the energy to get through the day. Staying active is vital!

Use a Mobile App to Keep Your Focus

If you are someone with a short attention span who gets easily distracted, a variety of smartphone apps may help you stay focused. They dispense with distractions and even provide a measure of gamification to reward you for completing singular tasks. Simply understanding how often you are distracted each day – emails, web surfing, etc. – helps keep your productivity level as high as possible.

A Daily Meditation Session Works Wonders

Meditating – either at your desk, car, or a quiet space in the office – lets you rest your body and mind, while providing the means to refocus your efforts on your project task list. Simply taking 15 minutes each day offers significant benefits. A longer session at home after work also helps to prepare for another day at the office.

Dive Right Into the Most Difficult Tasks

Working on the hardest items on your project list first offers a chance to truly get the ball rolling in 2018. This gives you a better sense of accomplishment compared to simply knocking off a few low-hanging fruit items. Be sure to take the time to organize your task list with an eye towards rating each item on its overall difficulty level.

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