Engage Your Engineers to Improve Your Workplace

Employee engagement plays a key role in the success of any engineering organization. Keeping your staff inspired largely falls on the managerial team, but don’t forget the impact key senior Michigan engineers also make on office morale. In short, a positive environment at your organization leads to improved productivity and ultimately a healthier bottom line.

With a successful team of Michigan engineers in mind, here are a few ideas on how to best engage your engineering talent. Perhaps these insights take your organization to even higher levels of success? Good luck!

A Crisis of Employee Disengagement

Recent studies reveal the adverse impact disengaged employees make on the workplace – the engineering world offers no exception to this troubling trend. With only 13 percent of those surveyed workers actually feeling actively engaged at their jobs, organizations need to take the right steps to improve employee morale. Even worse, 78 percent of employees in another survey actually dread coming into work on Monday.

Proactive Management Is Key

Your managers need to be proactive when it comes to engaging your employees. Keep an open door communication policy where any issues are identified and handled before they fester into something worse. Hold regular team meetings where everyone’s input is encouraged.

Don’t micromanage projects. Respect the talent and skills of your engineers and trust them to get the job completed successfully with minimal oversight. Most importantly, be sure to reward project success; don’t wait until an annual review to offer meaningful feedback.

Offer Training and a Career Ladder

A robust training program combined with tuition reimbursement offers a great chance to keep your employees engaged in developing their career. Obviously, this approach also benefits the organization. Engineers, like any other technical discipline, need to know their career is moving on an upward path. Smart engineering firms provide this opportunity to grow.

A Robust Salary and Benefits Package

Offering a good salary and a significant benefits package helps inspire your employees while also improving the company’s retention rate. At the minimum, make sure salary levels stay commensurate for engineers in your local region. Startup firms need to consider offering generous stock options to make up any lower pay rate.

Also remember, the point about offering tuition reimbursement so your Michigan engineers better develop their skills.

If you need further insights on building – and managing – a top-notch team of Michigan engineers, talk to the experts at Venteon. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in the Midwest, we can provide the worthy candidates to help you succeed. Schedule some time with us soon.



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