The Five Most Popular Tech Jobs of 2018

Whether you are a tech professional considering a new position, or a company hoping to hire some talent, it helps to know the hottest tech jobs in the industry. The new year offers a great chance to take stock of what’s currently popular. Ultimately, a constantly changing IT world periodically requires a fresh analysis.

With that in mind, let’s look more closely at the most popular tech jobs for the upcoming year. Use the information to develop the right plan for your 2018.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Making sense of the massive amounts of data organizations maintain is a competitive differentiator between companies. The best firms depend on business intelligence analysts to find that actionable information in their data stores. Relevant skills for this role include being able to write SQL queries and stored procedures, as well as strong business acumen.

Data Scientist

Data scientists also work with data, but at a higher level than most typical BI analysts. They generally are responsible for processing and analyzing relevant business data. An advanced degree – preferably a Ph.D. – and strong mathematical and analytical skills are required along with programming chops in either Python or Java.

Database Developer

Obviously, data is important to the business world, considering the three most popular tech positions on this list. Database developers remain in demand due to the need for talented pros able to build and maintain enterprise data stores. This is one position where becoming certified as either a Microsoft or Oracle database professional makes a lot of sense.

Network Administrator

Even in this era of Cloud-based technical infrastructures, companies still need network administrators to manage in-house or hybrid network assets. Troubleshooting and communication skills are vital for these tech professionals, along with the right degree and at least five years experience. A willingness to be on-call on evenings and weekends is another point to consider if you are interested in this tech role.

Data Security Administrator

The scourge of cybercrime puts the onus squarely on companies to ensure the security of their data and other technical assets – customers demand it. As such, data security professionals are worth their weight in gold throughout the industry. For these tech pros, complex problem-solving skills are essential along with a relevant information security certification.

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