New Year, New IT Resume

With the new year nearly upon us, it becomes a good time to take stock of your technology career. A resume remains the most important calling card when searching for a new job or even growing your professional network. This rule applies to your LinkedIn account as well as the actual IT resume itself.

Keeping your CV up to date needs to be a focus throughout your career, but take advantage of a brand-new year to give it a complete makeover. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started on your new IT resume.

Clarity Is Key

Remember hiring managers only get a minimum amount of time to review a candidate – one to two minutes at the most. Because of this cold hard fact, your resume needs to clearly detail your technical skill set in addition to the positive impacts you made throughout your career. Focus on these three words for the greatest chance of success: Readability, brevity, clarity.

Highlight Your Most Impressive Professional Accomplishments

Consider including a professional summary section highlighting your most significant professional accomplishments. Use bullet points to draw notice to this section, while enhancing the overall readability of the resume. Action verbs help emphasize your abilities as well as the tangible results you achieved.

Keywords Are Important

The days of sending paper resumes using snail mail when applying for a job continue to wane. Recruiters and interested companies now perform online searches to look for qualified candidates. Therefore, you need to pepper your CV with popular keywords describing your technical skills and work experience.

Being at the top of the search results needs to be your focus! This SEO concept also applies to your LinkedIn account. Treat it like a permanent online version of your resume.

Limit the Amount of Experience on Your Resume

Since brevity plays a key role in getting a hiring manager to consider your candidacy, keep the length of your resume to one to two pages. So, limit the amount of experience you include to the last 10 years. This helps your CV stay readable to HR while drawing attention to your most recent accomplishments.

If you need additional advice on the best strategies for a resume makeover, speak with your technical recruiter. They understand the latest CV trends in addition to what hiring managers want.

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