Five Reasons Tech Executives Still Need to Network

The fact you finally reached the corner office doesn’t mean your networking days are over. In fact, a lifelong technology career requires nurturing until your day of retirement. Remember, being able to call upon a collection of like-minded IT executives still pays dividends each and every day.

Let’s look more closely at some of the reasons networking remains a vital part of any technology exec’s career. Keep making those valuable connections and watch your career reach even higher levels of success!

Share Valuable Opinions and Feedback

The tech world continues to change at a rapid pace. Keeping abreast of these changes contributes to the success of any CIO and their organization. Receiving real-time feedback from peers in your professional network engenders the right kind of engagement and interaction.

“Engineers and IT leaders are trained to share and receive feedback while discussing code, architectures, strategies, etc. Meetups and roundtables tend to make these kinds of exchanges more meaningful for participants. Event panels can be useful if they’re not too controlled,” says Erick Tai, co-founder and head of engineering for Reflektive.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Technology relies on innovation which requires tech executives to venture outside of their traditional comfort zone. Fostering a diverse professional network helps you discover new ways of thinking in the IT world.

Build Your Talent Pool

If you share responsibility for IT staffing at your organization, networking helps grow a talent pool able to meet company needs. In addition to contacting tech professionals directly, connect with a few experienced recruiters for additional exposure to talent.

Two-Way Networking Is a Must

Be sure to give back to your network as much as you receive from it. Supporting others helps build a positive reputation sure to benefit yourself as well as those you help. Developing a sense of community among tech execs only serves to generate goodwill.

Leave the Salesperson Persona at the Door

Always remember that professional networking is rarely about making a sale. Instead, focus first on helping others and building a community of IT pros.

“Don’t approach networking with a sales mentality. It’s not about introducing someone to help close a deal. It’s about furthering relationships and helping others where you can” says Matt Hoffman, a VP at DigitalOcean.

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