Here’s Why You Should Throw Holiday Parties for Your Engineers

Keeping employee morale at its highest offers many benefits to any business, and the engineering world is no exception. Sure, competitive compensation and a generous benefits package play a role, but there are other ways to make your office a place where the top talent wants to work. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, an employee party – either at your business or offsite – is a great way to keep the team inspired throughout the rest of the year.

Here are a few insights detailing why a company holiday shindig is a smart idea for keeping your staff both professionally satisfied and productive. Good luck!

Happy Engineers Are Productive Engineers

A recent study notes that happy employees are 12 percent more productive than those who aren’t. Hosting parties and social events during the holiday season and throughout the year lets your staff blow off a little steam while staying engaged with their job duties. In short, boosting the morale of your engineers is smart!

An End-of-the-Year Award Ceremony

In addition to a regular holiday party, hold an end of the year award ceremony to celebrate the achievements of your top performers. This also provides a great way to incent your engineers to give a full effort – and beyond – over the entire year. Consider offering gift cards, PTO bonuses, and other perks, while making sure everyone on the team at least receives some award.

Promoting Team Camaraderie

If you have a large engineering company, various teams may not spend much time interacting with each other. Hosting a holiday party does a good job of letting your entire company get to know fellow co-workers a little better. This camaraderie does wonders in fostering a welcoming office culture.

An Extra Benefit at Tax Time

Spending a reasonable amount of company resources giving back to your employees in this manner also provides an extra benefit to your organization on its taxes. This is the kind of investment that plays a big role in promoting growth while ultimately boosting your efficiency, productivity, and the bottom line. In a sense, this is nearly as important as spending on training and continuing education benefits for your team.

When considering all these reasons, hosting a holiday party for your engineering team is simply smart business!

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